Thornton, CO Roofing Codes

Thornton, Colorado follows the 2015 IBC codes and the 2015 IRC.

Items that the County Requires are below.
Max number of layers: 1
reroof with shakes:
Ice and water required: NO, unless required by manufacture
Rake or Eave metal required: yes both
Rolled roofing allowed:
Felt: double felt required between 2/12 and 4/12
Cricket required for chimney 30" and over: Yes
Planked decking can only have 1/4" gaps
Most 3-tabs are not allowed to be installed. Read handout to review what is allowed.

Permit App (click here)
If redecked Inspection must be performed
Mid roof
Final inspection
Ladders must be provided by contractor or homeowner with osha requirements being met

Link to ICC for Thornton, CO (Click Here)
Showing Thornton, CO has adopted 2015 IBC/IRC (Click Here)
Thornton Roofing Code Handout (click Here)

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