Overhead and Profit

Good Read--http://cr.restorationindustry.org/Full-Article/ArtMID/385/ArticleID/79/2018-Patricia-L-Harman-Golden-Quill-Award-Ben-Justesen

When they ask for un redacted invoices:
Just sent this in an email with redacted invoices, and O&P was added and all depreciation released.
It is (INSERT COMPANY HERE)'s policy that sub-contractor pricing is proprietary and confidential, and to pay all sub contractors immediately upon completion of their scope of work. This enables us to get preferred pricing and scheduling, and is not subject to disclosure. I assure you all sub-contractors have been paid in full and (INSERT COMPANY HERE) will provide a lien waiver to the insured upon receipt of final payment. It has been a pleasure working with you on this.

The following, Mr. Adjuster, are irrefutable facts:
The actual industry standard for the inclusion of GCO&P is if “the insured reasonably believes they have need for a general contractor,” not other so-called industry standards.
Homeowners have the right to hire general contractors to oversee jobs such as this.
Ms. Jones has hired us as her GC of record on this loss.
We will be performing the duties of a GC and billing a standard and customary fee for those services.
Ms. Jones will be receiving a bill for these services.
Ms. Jones has contractually obligated herself to this fee in our contract – see attachment.
Ms. Jones will be complying with her contractual obligation and will definitely be paying our GCO&P fee to us, her GC.
Ms. Jones has told us that she is claiming GCO&P, and that she has pre-paid for it every month in her premium.
If you refuse to pay her, she may very well sue you for breech of contract and bad faith - that’s none of our business, but it is a distinct possibility.

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