Norman, Oklahoma Roofing Codes

Norman, OK follows the 2015 IBC codes and 2015 IRC codes

Items that the City Requires are below.
Max number of layers: 1 IRC R907.3 due to it being "moderate to servere hail exposure according to Figure R903.5"
reroof with shakes: Yes
Ice and water required: No R905.2.7.1
Rake or Eave metal required:
Rolled roofing allowed: Yes, down to 1/12 pitch IRC R905.5.2
Felt: double layer required between 2/12 and 4/12 IRC R905.2.2
Cricket required for chimney 30" and over: IRC R903.2.2
Roof deckā€”Must be solidly sheathed IRC R905.2.1
Flashing R905.2.8.4 (that flashing against a vertical front wall, soil stack, vent pipe and chimney is needed) Side wall needed (R905.2.8.3) Reuse of flashing IRC R907.5
Valley liner required R905.2.8.2
Manufactures instructions required IRC R904.1

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