DMO vs RFG Demolition vs Roofing

Changing DMO roofing or HVAC to Actual RFG labor rate is proper.

Strategically Deconstructing a roofing system is Not "demolition" work. Period. Honest Insurers know that fact. Dishonest Insurers that continue to push their new market fraud are going to lose market share, by their own fault. Note the following:

"Demolition is the tearing down of buildings and other man-made structures. Demolition contrasts with Deconstruction, which involves taking a building apart while Carefully preserving valuable elements for Re-use purposes."

If a insurance company wants you to install an HVAC cap as a roofer without the HVAC labor minimum, you better change the cap to RFG labor rate. Who is installing it?

If the insurance doesn't see that you need to use a roofing contractor to remove shingles, they sure can see how they have to coordinate the work. I mean, if they tear off and those roofers don't show up early and sit around or come late and get water inside. That is certainly coordination right there. No actual roofing contractor does it this what which is why we are changing the labor rate to the proper rate.

Workers compensation also forbids demolition crews from roof work. They claim if you are actively working on the roof, then you need to pay the fee as a roofer. The fee being a percentage. In Florida the fees could be as low as 20% and in Colorado those fees could be as high as 40% meaning in Colorado for every $100 you spend, you will actually be spending $140. Demo is significantly lower.

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