City and County of Denver Codes

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The City and County of Denver follows the 2015 ICC codes and the 2015 IRC.

Items that the City Requires are below.
Max number of layers: 2
reroof with shakes: Yes
Ice and water required: No
Rake or Eave metal required: Yes
Rolled roofing allowed: Yes, unless under 1/12 pitch or if patio has 3 walls or more. It also cannot be installed over heated area.
Felt: double layer required between 2/12 and 4/12
Cricket required for chimney 30" and over: Yes and it includes skylights as well.
Dumpster require permit: Some (Click Here to Verify)

Inspection process:
Must have 2 story ladder posted (over 14')
1 story Denver will post
Call in via phone and will be done when possible (during large storms can reach 3-4 months)

Link to show what code books city follows (Click here)
Link to ICC for Denver (Click Here)
Denver Guide and Checklist (Click Here)

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